Monday, June 29, 2009

This was my first dog. I was at my parents recently and went through some old albums. Her name was Snowball. She was a Samoyed. She liked to kill Skunks, chase cars, guard her food bowl and roam the neighborhood. She was a pretty typical dog. Although more independent than many dogs I've had since, she preferred to sleep in the snow rather than by the fire. Great dog though. We all loved her.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fun Nose Work Trial

As many of you already know, Beyond The Leash Dog Training hosted a fun nose work trial at our Southern California dog training location. We had thirty competitors and many spectators at this event. It took place on June 7th at 4469 Chevy Chase Drive, La Canada California 91011. This event is a result of many dog owners getting involved in fun nose work classes teaching their dogs to hunt for specific recreational odors. The trial was to further enjoy the training and really see how far the dogs have come in a relatively short time.
The Fun Nose Work classes will be starting in Boxford Massachusetts in July of 2009. For more information about this exciting activity to enjoy with your dog AND see some trial pics, please click on the link below:

North Shore of Massachusetts dog training

Dog training on the North shore of Massachusetts will begin in July of 2009. We will be holding group dog training classes, private dog training classes and Doggy Boot Camp in Boxford Massachusetts. We will also be offering Fun Nose Work classes! These classes help your dog rediscover their natural ability to hunt and find great rewards! This class helps shy dogs become more confidant and helps high energy dogs calm down (at least a little).
Dogs from surrounding communities are all welcome! We are just 30 minutes from Boston, Cape Ann and New Hampshire. Check back for updates and class start dates.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Boxford Massachusetts dog training

I am very excited to start training dogs in Boxford Massachusetts! It is a wonderful location and we will begin dog training at a great time of year. For me there is no better place than New England in the summer. For more information please visit
Http:// we can also be found at
I will be driving across the country with four dogs, two boys and a turtle. I'll post updates a while I'm making my trek across the Nation.
Beyond The Leash