Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Events & Winter Class Schedule

Canine Good Citizen Test Sunday, October 28th at 3PM

$10 charge for CGC Testing or Bring a Pumpkin or Dress Up in a Costume for No Charge
Free Practice Days are Sunday, October 21st from 3PM-6PM and Friday, October 26th from 5PM-7PM
Worried that your dog doesn’t have all that it takes to become a Canine Good Citizen this month? Click here to learn about all of the elements and see a video of a Practice CGC.

Sniff Through

October 21st at 1oAM; NW1 and NW2 Offered; Interior and Container Searches; Birch and Anise
$15 for one element or $20 for both; Pre-registration is recommended. Contact us at for more details on how to enroll.

Winter Schedule

Puppy Preschool
Monday 6PM (starts 11/5)
Jess Ritchie & Scott Williams- 5 weeks for $125

Basic Obedience (6 months or older)
Monday 7PM (starts 11/5)
Instructor Scott Williams- 5 weeks for $125

Wag It Games
Wednesday 6PM (starts 11/7)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 5 weeks for $125

Wednesday 7PM (starts 11/7)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 6 weeks for $150

Body Awareness 2.0 (need instructor approval)
Thursday 7PM (starts 11/8)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 5 weeks for $150

Friday 2PM (starts 11/9)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 6 weeks for $150

Agility Level 1
Friday 6:30PM (starts 11/9)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 6 weeks for $120

Agility Level 2
Friday 7:30PM (starts 11/9)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 6 weeks for $120

Beginner Agility
Saturday 11AM (starts 11/10)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 6 weeks for $120

Monday, August 6, 2012

3 Reasons to Take Training Classes With Your Dog!

1) Training builds better behavior.
While this may seem obvious to many, some dog owners expect the dogs to just become more well trained with age. Through training classes, your dog becomes a pleasure rather than a pain. The guests who previously avoided your house because of your poorly trained dogs will now enjoy visiting. And while some people think training only puts stricter rules on your dog, your dog actually has more freedom because he knows how to behave himself!

2) A trained dog is welcome in more places.
Especially during summer and fall, dog owners consistently become disappointed with how much they have to leave their dog. Wouldn’t it be great if your dog was well behaved enough to come to your kid’s soccer game with you or even join along on the fun of camping for a weekend? Better yet, wouldn’t it be great to be able to have your dog stay in a hotel room with you? Training classes are the answer to these types of issues. Start including your dog in more family activities rather than just thinking of him as another hassle to have to come home to let outside.

3) It can be fun for all involved!
Admittedly, some weeks I feel like we laugh more during class than actually train, but I’m sure that can’t be the case because all the dogs go home looking so good after our five or six weeks together. However, training truly can be fun for the entire family. You are allowed to bring your kids to class and sometimes depending on the situation other dogs from home, and the best part of all is that you’re all learning some important techniques to transfer over to real life situations once you leave.
Listed below is our fall group class schedule, but as always, if you are more interested in doing private training, feel free to contact me personally at You can check out my website to find out more information about my history and training style and feel free to check out Jess as well at her website. We hope to have the opportunity to train with many of you this fall.

Puppy Preschool (up to 6 months old)
Monday 6PM (starts 9/10*)
Instructors Jess Ritchie & Scott Williams- 5 weeks for $125

Group Obedience
Monday 7PM (starts 9/10*)
Instructor Scott Williams- 5 weeks for $125

Monday 8PM (starts 9/10*)
Instructor Scott Williams- 5 weeks for $150
*Monday classes begin a week later than the rest of the session

Wag It Games *new class*
Tuesday 6PM (starts 9/4)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 6 weeks for $135

Tricks Level 1
Tuesday 7PM (starts 9/4)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 6 weeks for $150

K9ProFit (fitness class)
Thursday 6PM (starts 9/6)
Instructors Jess Ritchie & Scott Williams- 5 weeks for $125

The Art of Shaping
Thursday 7PM (starts 9/6)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 5 weeks for $150

Beginner Agility
Friday 6:30PM (starts 9/7)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 6 weeks for $120

Agility Level 1
Friday 7:30PM (starts 9/7)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 6 weeks for $120

Beginner Agility
Saturday 12PM (starts 9/8)
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 6 weeks for $120

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Canine Detection Seminar This July!

Randy Hare is coming to New England!

Seminar Location: 850 Lawrence St., Lowell, MA 01852

Dates and Hours: July 6th-8th; Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 9AM-4PM

Description: Randy has 25 plus years of experience in K9 Law Enforcement as well as detection dog training. Residing in Jackson, Mississippi, he is owner and lead trainer of Alpha K9. He created his own detection training method known as the On Target technique, which teaches the dog to make odor association while utilizing positive fight drive using an oral response. Within the seminar, there will be a detailed look at the theories and principles of traditional detection dog training as well as the On Target technique. Both odor recognition and the dog’s final response, whether it be a passive or active alert, will be shaped through the use of a Randy Hare rack. Furthermore, Randy will put an emphasis on teaching dogs to work independently of their handlers and resisting distractions and temptations while searching. Dogs will work both indoors and outdoors and will be encouraged to troubleshoot puzzles in order to strengthen their ability to locate odor. This 3-day seminar is ideal for anyone interested in or anyone who is already heavily involved in detection training. Randy is internationally renowned for his knowledge and skill in canine detection.

Pricing (coffee and donuts as well as lunch will be provided for all three days):
$250 3 day working spot LIMITED (dog needs to display strong toy drive)
$150 3 day auditing spot
$100 per day for working spot LIMITED (dog needs to display strong toy drive)
$75 per day for auditing spot
*10% discount for active Police or Military attendees
Please contact Scott Williams at for a registration form. Please reserve your spot as soon as possible if you plan to attend because availability is limited. Hope to see many of you there!

Monday, April 23, 2012

New Training Facility Opening in Lowell, Mass!

We are pleased to announce the opening of our brand new 3,500 square foot dog training facility at 850 Lawrence Street in Lowell, Massachusetts. Scott Williams of Beyond The Leash and Jessica Ritchie of Cookie That! dog training have formed a strategic alliance in able to provide a richer experience to local dog folk.

Together these two companies will offer classes in Agility (coming soon!), Tricks, Competitive and Basic Obedience, Detection Dogs, Weight Pulling, K9 Fitness and more. Our current spring schedule is as follows:

Beginner Scentwork click to enroll
Sunday 10AM
Instructor Scott Williams- 5 weeks for $150
Advanced Scentwork click to enroll 
Sunday 11AM
Instructor Scott Williams- 5 weeks for $150
Tugging Class
Monday/Friday 1 PM
Instructors Jess Ritchie & Scott 
Williams- 6 sessions for $120
Puppy Preschool (up to 5 months old)

Tuesday 6PM
Instructors Jess Ritchie & Scott Williams- 4 weeks for $100
“Get on Your Bed” Class
Tuesday 7PM
Instructors Jess Ritchie & Scott
 Williams- 5 weeks for $125
Tricks Level 1
Wednesday 6PM
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 6 weeks for $150
Group Obedience click to enroll
Wednesday 6PM
Instructor Scott Williams- 5 weeks for $125
Tricks Level 2
Wednesday 7PM
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 4 weeks for $100
The Art of Shaping
Thursday 6PM
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 5 weeks for $150
K9ProFit (fitness class)
Thursday 7PM
Instructors Jess Ritchie & Scott Williams- 5 weeks for $125
Tricks Level 1
Friday 6PM
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 6 weeks for $150
Tricks Level 2
Saturday 3:30PM
Instructor Jess Ritchie- 4 weeks for $100
Located just thirty minutes from Boston, the Lowell, MA dog training location is easily accessible from the 495 highway. Just minutes from Southern New Hampshire and a short drive from most of the North Shore.
If you are interested in establishing better control of your canine companion or simply looking for new, stimulating activities to do with your dog, give us a call! We are offering introductory specials on most classes and look forward to meeting everyone. Call 866-957-DOGS (3647) today!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dogs Rule in 2011!

A new year is upon us! I am very excited about getting involved in some new K9 activities as well as moving forward with existing nosework classes. New Nosework Classes will be offered by Beyond The Leash in Boxford, Ma. On January 9th. There will also be a FREE Nosework Demo at All Dogs Gym in Manchester, New Hampshire on January 19th at 7pm. A week after that, new Nosework classes will begin at All Dogs Gym as well. Call for info: 818-974-9354

I have just recently started taking Flyball classes at Gemini Dogs with my three year old Malinois Cane. He is a natural athlete and as long as I don’t rush the details of the foundation work, he will do great and have a lot of fun doing it. I have high hopes for my dog Cane this year. Not only am I getting into the Flyball stuff, but I am continuing with his French Ring Sport training. I would like to enter him in a trial in Montreal, Canada in May. He will most likely compete at Ring 2 for the third time. He has already obtained the level of Ring 2 but he won’t be ready for Ring 3 by May. I am also continuing his Bed Bug detection work. Hopefully these activities along with walks in the woods will keep my dog busy enough to stay out of trouble. lol!

There will also be a brand new class that I am developing for 2011. This will be another “drive-based” exciting activity for dogs that all dogs will enjoy. More details will follow soon.

Let’s enjoy our dogs in 2011!

Friday, July 2, 2010

French Ring Trial Coming!

French Ring Trial Announcement!

The Patriot Ring Club is hosting its first French Ring Trial on August 7 and 8, 2010. The trial will be held in North Eastern Massachusetts. The field location is not finalized at this time. A French Judge is confirmed and Decoys are confirmed. Entry fees will be $50. We are presently welcoming volunteers to help with all aspects of the trial. If you have never seen a French Ring Trial it consists of obedience, agility and protection-based exercises. All dogs compete off leash and without collars. It is a challenging and exciting European dog sport. Spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend! If you live in North Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, Southern Maine or Southern Vermont, this will be a great opportunity to see what this activity is all about and meet French Ring Sport enthusiasts in your area. Save the dates! For more info call: 866.957.3647 or visit

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Nosework Article

Nosework’ classes brings dogs into their own

Boxford dog trainer has more than 100 clients hooked on ‘Nosework’

Nationally-recognized dog trainer Scott Williams has recently begun introducing the activity of Nosework to dog trainers and local pet owners in the Northeast. His company, Beyond the Leash, is currently one of a handful of training businesses in the country certified to teach the sport that is rising in popularity.

While your dog doesn’t like checking facebook on your laptop and you are not too keen on sticking your nose into a pile of wet leaves, Nosework represents an activity that you and your dog can genuinely enjoy together.

Nosework’s search-dog techniques introduces structured activities to your dog that allows him or her to grow on its own; to grow more into focus, grow closer to their strongest sense, and grow closer to you.

And by giving dogs the freedom to unlock the powerful potential in their sense of smell, Nosework classes can uncover the sometimes unnoticed intelligence and autonomy in canines.

Scott Williams, of Boxford, has firmly placed himself as an east coast pioneer of the activity. Starting with classes in West Boxford, William’s Nosework training has now spread throughout New England as his students, some of whom are dog trainers, are now beginning to teach the classes in their own respective regions. Williams, however, is one of only a dozen trainers in the country with a certification to teach Nosework through the National Association of Canine Scent Work , the official governing agent for the sport.

While it has been well under a year since he moved from the west coast, Williams has engaged over 100 dogs and dog owners in the activity that can bring a domesticated canine back to its primal instincts.

The class begins by first incentivizing your dog to search and hunt using food hidden in one of several cardboard boxes. But in subsequent lessons, these canine students will track a birch scented q-tip under the wheel carriage of a pick up truck.

In addition to your dog’s short term enjoyment, the classes also have the real potential to see long term mood enrichment in an otherwise bored or stubborn canine.

Watertown resident Viviana Cordano began working with Williams in July and said that her two-year old Labrador Betty, who she found in an animal rescueshelter, has become more tranquil since first beginning Nosework classes.

“She’s a rescue dog that had been returned to the shelter three times so I knew she was a little bit of a trouble maker. But she didn’t know her boundaries; no one had ever taught her anything,” said Cordano. “Not only did she need to learn but I wanted to get her mind working, her nose working…mentally tire her out.”

Cordano goes onto explain what she noticed about Betty after going through the courses with Williams.

“I found this sport and she’s doing really, really good. We enjoy it very much. Our relationship has grown tremendously and she seems calmer too,” said Cordano.

Dog trainers are also drawn to the sport that strengthens a dog’s ability to identify certain smells through some of the same methods taught to law enforcement canines.

While some trainers find that Nosework is able to increase their pet’s repertoire of abilities, others find it is simply an outlet for their dog — and for themselves.

Dog trainer Mac McCluskey travels down from Lebanon, Maine to attend the Nosework classes in Boxford. During a recent class, McCluskey took his 3-year-old Belgian Malinois Naiya through an advanced Nosework course. The course had the canine looking among random boxes, around the perimeter of a building, and in the various nooks and crevasses around the outside of a car using the search command “find it.”

“I do other dog sports with the rest of my dogs and I needed to find something for her. She seems to be pretty much a natural for it,” said McCluskey. “So it’s good for her and it’s a great outlet for her.”

McCluskey goes on to explain how his dog, and others,can enjoy the sport so much.

“Dogs are just like giant noses on four legs…dogs smell things the way we see things. So in a structured environment like this it really draws on what they do best. And that’s use their nose.”

To learn more about Nosework and enroll in Williams’s most popular class, “Intro to Nosework,” visit Beyon or contact Williams at 866-957-3647. Williams also offers obedience classes as well as his nationally recognized “Doggy Boot Camp.”