Friday, July 2, 2010

French Ring Trial Coming!

French Ring Trial Announcement!

The Patriot Ring Club is hosting its first French Ring Trial on August 7 and 8, 2010. The trial will be held in North Eastern Massachusetts. The field location is not finalized at this time. A French Judge is confirmed and Decoys are confirmed. Entry fees will be $50. We are presently welcoming volunteers to help with all aspects of the trial. If you have never seen a French Ring Trial it consists of obedience, agility and protection-based exercises. All dogs compete off leash and without collars. It is a challenging and exciting European dog sport. Spectators are welcome and encouraged to attend! If you live in North Eastern Massachusetts, Southern New Hampshire, Southern Maine or Southern Vermont, this will be a great opportunity to see what this activity is all about and meet French Ring Sport enthusiasts in your area. Save the dates! For more info call: 866.957.3647 or visit